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iDoodle2 and iDoodle2 lite Support


If you have any problems with iDoodle2 or iDoodle2 lite on your iPhone or iPod Touch please e-mail and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Q. How does undo/redo work?

Undo and redo are handled by the accelerometer. To undo turn the device 90 degrees counterclockwise and then back to vertical. To redo just do the opposite, turn the device 90 degrees clockwise and bring it back to vertical.

Q. Why is undo so unresponsive?

Currently undo works by redrawing all of the shapes that you have drawn except the last one into a clear canvas. After you've been drawing for some time this can take a while. One option is to "flatten" the image by saving it to your library and re-importing it into a new doodle. I'm working on a more optimized undo so hopefully this won't be a problem too much longer.

Q. Why doesn't the fill tool work?

Because there is no fill tool. Sorry. This button is for the fill color while the line button shows and allows you to set the line color. Together you can use both of these to draw filled shapes like the rectangle, oval, and blob.

Q. Why do the eraser and blur tools look different after I lift my finger?

To maintain a reasonable speed when drawing each line segment is drawn seperately. This causes some unpleasant side-effects with the soft brush and these are cleaned up after the drawing is done by drawing the whole line at once.

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